Cap Stool

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The Cap Stool is a fun outdoor furniture item that serves multiple purposes. Sit on it as a stool, use as a side table, or turn it upside down and watch it transform into a flower pot. It’s a single design with a choice of two colors. Constructed of linear low density polyethylene ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Cap Stool dimensions: 15.3" Diameter x 17.7" High


Industry West's collection of outdoor products are constructed with resistance to the elements in mind. As with all of our products proper care and protection will determine the longevity of usage. Due to the unpredictable circumstances of extreme elements including rain, snow, and heat only products constructed of galvanized steel are protected under our warranty for outdoor use. Industry West reserves the right to determine if incorrect usage or extreme elements are the source of structural malfunctions.

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Cap Stool has no specific product care information.

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