April 2, 2020

Ten Ways to Embrace Your New Home "Office"

Many of us have recently made the switch to working remotely. Whether you’re working from your bed in a studio apartment, a well-equipped and quiet home office space, or are splitting time between work and homeschooling around the kitchen table, there have probably been some bumps along the way (even if your pet is thrilled with the all the daytime face time they’re getting now).

We polled our team members, friends, and followers to get some insight on how everyone is adapting to the WFH life—here’s what they said…

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1. Create a simple ritual around the start and end of your workday—like lighting your favorite candle at your desk before opening up your laptop or pouring a cup of tea or glass of wine after logging off.


2. Choose a dedicated space to work, and do what you can to replicate the environment of your office—whether that means keeping pens and Post-its handy, grabbing a comfy chair from the living or dining room, or keeping your coffee warm in your usual travel mug.


3. Get fully dressed every day (shoes optional). Even if you’re just changing from pajamas to athleisure, getting dressed can help you switch gears into work mode.


4. Get creative and use your mirrors or windows as whiteboards to take notes, make lists and brainstorm. All you need is a dry erase marker (and probably some Windex).


5. Take lots of small breaks—start a load of laundry, get a stroll in, do a face mask or deep conditioning treatment. A change of pace or a quick walk around the block are great opportunities for a mental reset.

Industry West McQueen Chair in work from home setupIndustry West McQueen Chair in work from home setup

Work from home desk setup with Industry West Bok leather chairWork from home desk setup with Industry West Bok leather chair
Work from home space featuring Industry West Prado Lounge Chair Work from home space featuring Industry West Prado Lounge Chair

Virtual happy hour at the kitchen counter with Industry West Sling Counter StoolVirtual happy hour at the kitchen counter with Industry West Sling Counter Stool

6. Try to maintain a sleep schedule that pretends everything is normal (even if it does not feel that way at all...).


7. As tempting as it is, try not to work in an area of your home that’s usually reserved for rest (i.e. the sofa or bedroom). It’ll be easier to resist naps and Netflix if you stick to your dedicated workspace, even if it’s an unconventional setup.


8. If it’s possible, open the windows and let natural light into your workspace. If not, try utilizing lighting layers to brighten your space. A combo of overhead ambient lighting and task lighting (smaller fixtures like a desk lamp that help illuminate your workspace) can help your space feel bright and energized!


9. If you’re homeschooling while working, try managing your kids’ assignments the way you would manage a project at work. Tweak a favorite template or spreadsheet, find a color-coding system that helps you keep everything sorted, and make checklists so everyone feels a sense of accomplishment when assignments are complete.


10. Close out the end of the workday with virtual happy hour. Pour a glass for yourself to enjoy on the sofa or host a Facetime or Zoom gathering with coworkers, family, friends, or neighbors—cheers, you made it through another day!

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