October 24, 2019

This Shoppable Apartment Is The Only Place You Need To Go For Home Décor

We’re an e-commerce company first (and always will be), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t taking advantage of other ways to get to know our customers IRL - whether at our SoHo showroom or, spoiler alert, our studio in LA (coming in 2020). We recognize the need for a hands-on shopping experience, and we try to meet our customers where they are: even if, sometimes, that means 58 stories above NYC.

Snowe Penthouse West

Enter Snowe Penthouse West at 70 Pine - a 58th-floor penthouse in a landmarked art-deco skyscraper in New York City, that is fully furnished–and fully shoppable. The space is a unique partnership between Industry West, Snowe, a one-stop shop for household goods, Uprise Art, an online art gallery and marketplace, and Outer, an outdoor furniture company - all direct-to-consumer brands known for their high-quality home goods and simplified online shopping experiences.

Industry West and 70 PineIndustry West and 70 Pine

Snowe Penthouse West looks and feels like a comfortable, well-designed apartment (because, well, it is one), and more resembles a visit to a friend’s home than a trip to the mall.

This relatable and hospitable setting allows customers to better envision themselves using the products and furniture for sale: Seeing a towel set, sofa, or painting in a livable space, instead of on a shelf or website.

And, while the traditional showroom experience gives buyers the opportunity to sit on a sofa or test out a barstool before purchasing, these curated spaces can’t always give you a great idea of what that same sofa might feel like in your living room as you binge-watch Netflix.

“When 70 Pine arose as an opportunity, we jumped right on it,” said Anne England, Industry West co-founder and president of social responsibility. “The idea was to create a one-stop-shop - but not in a typical retail location - where you could view everything you need to outfit your home. And we loved that idea. It’s how we like to shop, too.”

And partnerships like these don’t just benefit the brands. Those affiliated with 70 Pine loved it, too, because it brought more attention and foot traffic to the building and its available units. Because, well, who wouldn’t want to live in a space that’s comfortable, beautiful and convenient to decorate?

Cane ArmchairCane Armchair
“The idea was to create a one-stop-shop—but not in a typical retail location—where you could view everything you need to outfit your home. And we loved that idea. It’s how we like to shop, too.

These pop-ups and livable, shoppable experiences (both tangible and online) are charting the course for the future of retail, challenging us to bring the store – and website - to our customers in new and creative ways.

Industry West Sol y LunaIndustry West Sol y Luna
Industry West 70 Pine KitchenIndustry West 70 Pine Kitchen