October 27, 2020


November 3 is almost here—this is an important time in our country’s history, and here at Industry West, we’re giving our employees a paid day off this Election Day to encourage them to get to the polls (not to mention we also got these sweet matching t-shirts!).

The future of our country is so important, and while the presidential election is receiving a lot of attention, it’s also important to participate in local elections—our communities are greatly impacted by the people we elect to city and state office. Local candidates are usually eager to engage with their constituents, too—so do what you can to meet them or chat with them in real life, or via email or social media!

If you can’t meet with your local candidates, though, there are many resources that you can use to research everything on the ballot so you can feel confident voting according to your values—our team has used Ballotpedia, Vote411, or BallotReady to read up on the issues that matter.

So we ask that you're patient with us Nov. 3 as our offices largely will be closed, and we'll see you at the polls! (PS—you can find your polling place here)