October 21, 2019

Bringing work-from-home vibes to House Beautiful's Whole Home

 What if making different design choices could literally change the way you live at home? House Beautiful brought together 10 design teams to design and furnish its 2019 Whole Home concept house in Nashville, letting each designer run wild with their idea of wellness at home to design a part of the home in their signature style.

We were thrilled to partner with NYC-based designer Danielle Arps to furnish a portion of the home, a multi-purpose office space with serious work-from-home vibes.

Having cut her chops in the NYC startup scene designing offices for Venmo, Gilt, SeatGeek and others, Dani certainly knows office design inside and out (she even designed our showroom in SoHo!). Her specialty is “resimercial” design - workspaces that blur the line between commercial and residential, keeping comfort at the forefront (while still promoting productivity.)


Industry West and House BeautifulIndustry West and House Beautiful

Dani used a number of Industry West pieces to bring her signature minimal, clean style to the home office, creating a space that’s highly functional and encourages focus, but that still incorporates traditionally residential design touches - like thoughtful, on-trend accessories and soft fabrics.

"Like in any office you need to be able to get away from your desk and have a moment," said Arps. "You want it to be very comfortable but still functional."

The space was designed to minimize distractions, improve focus, and provide a few different seating options for meetings (or comfy alternative workspaces).

Since all Industry West pieces are commercial-grade (even those with more residential tendencies), they’re the perfect fit for a professional-looking home office space (or any commercial office space with a homey feel.)

Prado Lounge ChairPrado Lounge Chair
“Like in any office you need to be able to get away from your desk and have a moment. You want it to be very comfortable but still functional."


  1. Barcelona Wall Hanging
    Barcelona Wall Hanging
    Regular Price $215 Special Price $194
  2. Industry West Plateau Coffee Table
    Plateau Coffee Table
  3. Industry West Cane Wardrobe
    Cane Wardrobe
    Regular Price $4,900 Special Price $4,655