January 30, 2020

Three Reasons Business Travelers are Checking in to Boutique Hotels

As hospitality trends change and business travelers seek out new priorities when traveling (for both work and play), the genre of “boutique” hotels with their diverse accommodations are becoming more popular with the corporate jet-set crowd.

When you’re craving convenience and the usual amenities but desire a touch of local flair or thoughtful design accents, here are a few reasons to look around for a boutique-style accommodation for your next business trip.


1. A perfect blend of comfort and convenience

Business travelers are always on the go—and if you’re traveling constantly, it’s easy to get into a groove and come to expect a predictable experience and routine. While larger hotel chains tend to provide a reliable experience, sometimes travelers are left longing for more than the continental breakfast has to offer—a little more convenience, a comfier mattress, and maybe a few more comforts of home. Though who doesn't love waiting in line for the waffle machine?

As boutique hotels are typically smaller in size than your standard hotel, the customer service and amenities they offer are often more personalized. Think better coffee (like way better), a washer and dryer in the room, premium toiletries and speedy Wi-Fi. These may be small upgrades, but they pack a big impact when it comes to convenience (and sparking joy on the road).

Industry West at LyricIndustry West at Lyric
Industry West at LyricIndustry West at Lyric

2. Thoughtful design—both in aesthetics and function

Many of these new boutique accommodations are designed specifically with business travelers in mind. A roomy living area can easily transform into a flexible space to work remotely or host a meeting, and a full kitchen enables travelers to settle in more comfortably (especially during longer stays). Not to mention, there’s usually a little more creative liberty taken in the design process (read: the rooms aren’t identical). 

Take Lyric, an innovative company whose offering falls somewhere between the predictable comfort of a chain hotel and the local flair of an Airbnb. With a NYC flagship located at 70 Pine, their “Creative Suites” (as they refer to their accommodations) feature local artisanal coffee, a curated selection of music on vinyl (yes, really), and are well-furnished with contemporary pieces—in fact, there’s a good chance you’ll see some Industry West furnishings in many Lyric Creative Suites! 

Industry West at LyricIndustry West at Lyric
Images provided by Lyric

3. Authentic taste of local culture

Travelers, both for business and pleasure, are increasingly interested in authentically experiencing the places they visit. From visiting buzzing neighborhood coffee shops to the hole-in-the-wall spot that doesn’t exist on the internet, it’s becoming increasingly important for business travelers and tourists to feel like locals when traveling.

The only problem? A one-night business trip doesn’t often provide much time for exploration or opportunities to stumble upon that hidden local gem. That’s where the small, boutique hospitality options like Lyric come in—the accommodations themselves are intentionally designed to reflect their city and surroundings. These spots are often located in historic neighborhoods or buildings, and it’s not uncommon to see local art adorning the walls, a bag of locally-roasted coffee in your suite ready to brew, and a customized guide to the best neighborhood spots (to take out the guesswork for a lunch meeting or quick cup of joe). 

Whether or not you have a free afternoon to explore on your next business trip, boutique hotel guests can rest easy knowing they’ve gotten a more authentic taste of their host city.

Industry West at Lyric 70 PineIndustry West at Lyric 70 Pine
Industry West at Lyric at 70 PineIndustry West at Lyric at 70 Pine