December 12, 2019

Classic Blue: Bringing Peace and Calm in 2020

A new year means a lot of things - resolutions, gym-membership renewals and, of course, a fresh new Color of the Year from Pantone.

Since 2000, Pantone’s Color of the Year selections have forecasted color trends in nearly every industry, from fashion to home to product packaging.

Pantone announced its pick for 2020, a calming, rich shade called Classic Blue. Prevalent in more traditional design tendencies, like French Country, Americana and Chinoiserie, the hue is described as a “solid and dependable” color that fosters resilience and centers our thoughts.

At the start of a new decade and in times where rest and relaxation seem at times out of reach, it’s not surprising that Pantone’s color experts chose a traditional and conventionally tranquil color for 2020. After all, color has a profound effect on our moods and behavior - there is an entire branch of psychology dedicated to the ways that color affects us.

"There is something intrinsically calming about classic blue," said Industry West co-founder and CEO Jordan England. "It connects us to the vast expanse of the ocean or the perfect sky on a blossoming spring day. Classic blue is not a passing trend, but something that constantly surrounds us and is always present."

Industry West Pantone Color of 2020Industry West Pantone Color of 2020
“There is something intrinsically calming about classic blue. Classic blue is not a passing trend, but something that constantly surrounds us and is always present.

We know what you’re thinking, and yes ... you can find Classic Blue in nearly every category of the Industry West catalog. And even better? There’s a super easy way to find all of our Classic Blue pieces in one place, thanks to our friends at Vishion. Their app makes it easy to search for items by retailer and by color - a quick search brought up our Plateau Table, Samson Barstool, Loom Sofa, Jenson Chair, and Hugo Lounge Chair, to name a few - all in the 2020 Color of the Year.

"The best part about learning the color of the year is exploring the amazing decor and furniture finds matching the shade. A hands-down favorite of the Vishion team this year was the Jenson Dining Chair from Industry West. We're lucky to have a partner that makes it fun to find furniture by color," said Sam Smith, founder and CEO of Vishion.

Loom Sofa from Industry WestLoom Sofa from Industry West




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