Black Marble Candle Holder Large

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Embrace your minimalist side with our large black marble candle holder. Pair with matching pieces like our smaller size black marble candle holder or tea light holders.

This marble piece is brought to Industry West by Stoned. Stoned is all about marble. Birthed in Amsterdam they create simple, basic designs, some solid, some elegant too. All crafted using high-end marble. They even prefer to stay firmly rooted in simplicity. They make beautiful, minimalist items that do not go out of style.


Black Marble Candle Holder Large dimensions: 4cm Diameter x 9cm High


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Marble is beautiful and strong but also fragile. Marble is a natural product. The black marble collection is mostly black with white veins, but brown and gray coloring may appear, the white collection is natural white with gray veins and traces and the pink marble collection can have yellow or purple coloring. Little holes and cracks may appear. Our products can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom. When you wanna clean your marble piece always use water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Never use bleach! Since marble is porous pat dry immediately so water and liquids do not get the chance to soak in and leave a mark. Soaps can contain acidic or oily components which can mark the marble.
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