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Produced deep the Altas mountains everything about the Berber Rug is handmade - from the hand spooning wool, dying the wool, until created by weaving in a vertical loom knot by knot. Made in the style of Beni Ouraiine, a tribe in the eastern middle atlas mountains of Morocco, our rugs are made by the berber women that are native to Morocco. It is part of their   traditional to weave rugs in order  to cover the floor of their homes.

The Beni Ouraiine  tribe is located on the top of the mountains which expressed with the domination of the white color - recalling the snow and rock of the mountain. Also known for the quality of their wool and sheep, the Beni Ouraiine tribe is focused in a wealthy area so the women tighten the knots because they have enough wool to do so.

The patterns are normally significant of  tattoos of the women or just a fruit of their imagination. It takes 4 weeks to weave the entire piece after which water and soap is poured onto the rug and left to soak so that the wool will become soft. After soaking the labor intensive task of washing the heavy wool begins before the pile is cut to standard length and polished off to its silky wool finish.

Each piece is one of a kind and the pattern may vary slightly in size and style from the image.


Berber Diamond Print Rug dimensions: Dimensions rounded to the nearest inch. There may be a small variance of up to 0.4 inches


Due to the vintage, individual nature of each hand picked rug wear and tear of any kind is not covered under our commercial warranty.

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These rugs might shed a little during the first days, but after having used the vacuum cleaner a few times they should stop shedding. The best way to care for them is the traditional way : cleaning with lukewarm water and natural soap. Dry them horizontally on the ground or on grass.

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