Beni Ivory Rug Large

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Looking for more than an accent piece but also comfort, then look no further then this Beni Ourain rug presented by Industry West. These are likely the most comfortable rugs you can find. This accent piece is hand-woven from 100 percent wool.


This vintage Berber-style TULU (Turkish word for long/thick pile) 100% sheep's wool rug from Central Turkey is a one-of-a-kind piece sourced by Paris-based KILIMS ADA and hand made in India. This accent piece is hand-knotted using a technique in which lines of knots made with long strands of non-spun wool along several rows of weft make the rug look like a sheep’s fleece and was hand-selected during KILIMS ADA’s travels across the most remote locations of Turkey.


Beni Ivory Rug Large dimensions: 118" Long x 88.5" Wide


Due to the vintage, individual nature of each hand picked rug wear and tear of any kind is not covered under our commercial warranty.

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These rugs might shed a little during the first days, but after having used the vacuum cleaner a few times they should stop shedding. The best way to care for them is the traditional way : cleaning with lukewarm water and natural soap. Dry them horizontally on the ground or on grass.

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