Neon Lettering

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  • Description

    Industry West's spunky new neon lettering is a classic design statement and a one of a kind piece of typographic art. The letters can easily be linked together to create a unique word or phrase for your own custom lighting fixture. Featuring our well-loved Gotham Book Italic typeface, you can choose each letter for infinite creativity.

    Indoor use only. Made of glass and white gas. Necessary transformers, which is (1) transformer per every (6) letters, are included with order and will ship together. If additional transformers are required please contact us for additional cost. Mounting hardware included. Each letter comes with four wall mounts, screws, anchors and two mini boxes to hide the joints.

  • Specs

    Neon Lettering dimensions: All letters are max 30 cm. high

  • Warranty

    Under warranty for one year.

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  • Product Care

    Fixtures should only require a light dusting to stay beautiful. If you find yourself needing to clean your fixture, use only the mildest soaps, softest cloths and gentle pressure.

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