Marais Arm Chair

Antique Copper
First designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934, it's rumored that the Marais Collection was created for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship. Crafted of grade A sheet steel, the Marais Arm Chair is available in vintage gunmetal, galvanized, or powder coated finishes. This armchair was first designed in 1956 and is the perfect compliment the the original 1934 creation...and looks just as chic today.

Slight surface markings and abrasions are characteristic of the material and part of its industrial aesthetic. Our chairs are all hand-finished, ensuring that each chair is unique. Rubber feet prevent damage to floors. Stackable up to 8-high.  
Specifications Base: 17"x17" Seat: Width - 14" at the front, 12.5" in the back; Length - 14" Seat Height: 18" Width including arms: 21"
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